Palm Tree (s) Nursery and Garden: Service:

Having Palm Trees and Nursery/Garden integrated not only beautifies the customer’s yard; it adds that special ambiance that is exciting and warm.

Palm Trees can make an attractive addition to your native flower beds and turn your flowers into the spectacle they’re yearning to be. If you already have a palm tree in the yard but have no flower beds, you can always add the bloomers. You can design a flower bed around your palm with several style choices, such as color, edging, mulch, flower height, and texture. While a new palm can attract attention to your forgotten flower beds, a new flower bed also can draw attention to your standalone palm tree.

Furthermore, incorporating palms make great enhancement when integrated into your garden or in a container. A container palm can be a wonderful addition to your existing container garden, grown indoors, or stand-alone. Growing a palm in a container also allows you to move it from place to place in the yard. If you no longer want it by the pool, move it closer to the deck. For your specific need, the Lawn Maintenance Specialist can visit your property and consult with you on all the possibilities.