Hedge Trimming

As the winter ends and days get longer, the sun shines warmer, our bushes and shrubs grow bigger and need some maintenance so they don’t get out of control and cover your windows and doors. Hedge trimming requires the use of manual or electric clippers to snip leaves and branches that have outgrown their welcome to make your bushes look unruly and unkept.

Not only can unruly hedges devalue your property, the right styling can provide your own natural oasis while enhancing the yard’s trees, gardens, lawns, and hardscapes like patios, stairs, stonewalls, and sidewalks.

When trimmed regularly, hedges can be formed into fences that line your property and there are many perennial options that remain green year round.

For jobs like turfing, laying new grass, stonework, building a pond, fireplace, fountain, etc., installing a trellis, laying a patio, we visit the site, discuss your needs and ideas and give you a quotation for your particular project – to be confirmed after a survey

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