Residential / Commercial Cleaning Services

We specialize in cleaning lanais, patios, and balconies in Florida. In addition, it is important that debris are removed. If not, it will prevent your lawn/grass from growing beautifully and flush. Therefore, the Lawn Maintenance Specialist will blow away and pick up leaves, sticks, branches, rocks, and other objects making sure that your lawn and yard are clean.

Power washing is probably the most widely used method for cleaning bricks or pavers. In many cases, this is the appropriate method, but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are looking to remove surface dirt only, pressure washing is a great method. The combination of hot water and high pressure will do a great job on these hard surfaces.

For jobs like turfing, laying new grass, stonework, building a pond, fireplace, fountain, etc., installing a trellis, laying a patio, we visit the site, discuss your needs and ideas and give you a quotation for your particular project – to be confirmed after a survey

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