Full Landscaping, Lawn Care & Cleaning Service

  • Debris Removal-It is important that debris are removed if not it will prevent your lawn/grass from growing beautifully and flush. Therefore, the Lawn Maintenance Specialist will blow away and pick up leaves, sticks, branches, rocks, and other objects making sure that your lawn and yard is clean.
  • Weed Control/Fertilization- In cases where the lawn gets overrun with crabgrass or choked down by other weeds, it is important that the Lawn Maintenance Specialist provides weed control and fertilization. By doing this gives your lawn the best opportunity to grow and thrive. The specialist will treat your entire lawn with a combination of fertilizer/weedkiller.
  • Mowing-A Health lawn needs mowing. Therefore, the Lawn Maintenance Specialist will happily take care of your lawn mowing needs. Usually, the best recommendation is to have your grass mowed at least twice a month to keep the weeds from overgrowing and to maintain the upkeep of the yard/property. Keeping the grass mowed will help in having healthy grass and it will not leave the grass to short. Although, we recommend a time frame to have your grass mowed; you the customer can set your own scheduled time.
  • Edging- Edging is crucial for a beautification of the lawn. Having lawn edges that are overgrown or untrimmed can make even the finest lawn look unkempt. Usually, lawn care services will edge your lawn whenever they mow it, providing you with an all-in-one grass trimming service that will leave your lawn well maintained, beautiful, and satisfied.
  • Trimming Bushes and Hedges- The Lawn Maintenance Specialist has the skills to trim bushes and hedges. your lawn care service can trim down large bushes into more aesthetically pleasing shapes and ensure that the growth of your bushes and hedges stays beautiful – and never blocks other elements of your landscaping. The trimming and hedging can be serviced once a month.

Therefore, if you are in need of: Palm Tree(s) Installation, Palm Trees and Landscaping Designs, Nursery Services, Garden and planting Service, and Cleaning Services please rest assured, you have come to the right place where we put our customer first. Kings and Queens Palm Trees, Nursery, Garden, Landscaping, and Cleaning Service LLC will provide you with a high quality of services.